How to Stop Caring What People Think

Have you ever seen the really crazy homeless guy?

You know the guy I’m talking about. He’s the one screaming obscenities, clearly on some sort of mind-altering drugs, and clearly crazy. Very audibly muttering to himself about god knows what. He’s dancing in front of you too. It’s like he’s in his own universe, completely oblivious to your opinions of him.

An amazing human phenomenon occurs every time this guy walks down the street.

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The Anti Pick-Up Line: What to Say to Women When You're Nervous

This post is for all the men out there who get nervous.

I met a girl poolside in Chiang Mai, Thailand and when I explained to her what I do, well, we delved into dating and attraction. She had some interesting views on the subject. 

She admitted doesn't date because she's exhausted from being valued only for her looks. Which I know is true (she's beautiful and men are lazy). 

She also mentioned to me that one thing women die for is being charmed. They love when a man does something out of the ordinary, something honest yet courageous for them. Why? It makes them feel desired on a deep level. 

Here's an example of how to do that in real life.