Dogs can speak Chinese

The craziest thing happened yesterday. I get into the elevator at my apartment complex and find a guy and his dog inside. This dog was beautiful - I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like it, definitely not in China, where all you see are small poodle fluffball dogs that I mistake for shitty stuffed animals. China’s dog’s suck.

But this dog was awesome. It reminded me of Jon Snow’s direwolf in Game of Thrones. It was built like a fucking tiger, completely albino with snow white fur, no red eyes though.

Anyway, when the elevator door opened the dog tried to sprint out, pulling the leash tight around it’s neck, and jerking its owner from the elevator. It kept sprinting and pulling the owner. They got about 100 yards ahead of me within about 30 seconds when the owner finally started yelling. Except he wasn’t yelling the name of the dog, stop, or HEEL CINNAMON, he was yelling something in 100% fluent Chinese.

I have no idea what he said.

But I thought all dogs spoke English.

And it was probably the biggest reality check I’ve had to date that I live in China.