How do you separate yourself from the pack, professionally?

Hard work? Sure. A good resume packed with Ivy-League-esque credentials? That might help. Get more and more experience? Maybe.

But frankly, for most of us, EVEN all of those things combined are not enough.

They used to be. Not anymore.

Why? Our dreams are bigger. The competition is tougher.

And as much as we’re afraid to admit, we're all not "the social extrovert" that society wants us to be.

That puts us at a disadvantage in many situations, especially professionally. 

The truth is: if you want to create endless opportunities for yourself and skyrocket your career potential, you need to develop a different kind of skillset.

A skillset that you were probably never taught in school.  I know I wasn’t.

Within 6 months at my corporate finance job out of college, I saw it for myself.

The people who were getting the best jobs, the people who were on a fast-track at work, the people who were doing huge things in their career…well…they weren’t necessarily the smartest and most qualified.

But they were all SPECTACULAR communicators. 

When they talked, people listened.

They were fun, engaging, professional, and sharp.

Their intelligence oozed through their words every time they spoke.

They had the confidence to crush the big moments – job interviews, work presentations, public speaking opportunities, media events, etc.

They knew how to get a message through to someone. And because of it, they made things happen.  

They had the “it factor” I had always heard talked about.

They hit the genetic jackpot. Because we all know those are skills you are born with. 


What if I told you that just wasn't true?

If you’re thinking I’m full of shit, I don’t blame you.

I thought the same thing. I’m shy and introverted. 10 times out of 10 I’d rather be at home reading Fight Club than be in an actual nightclub. 

But after going from probably the being the shyest/most quiet/most avoidant speaker in ANY ROOM I entered a little less than three years ago to being a featured speaker at M.I.T just last year, I’m telling you…it’s doable.

I still get nervous when I speak. I’m not invincible. But it’s easier to manage now. 

And if you can learn to manage the nerves and emotions, the rest is easy. It just takes some understanding and practice about what makes intersting communication. 

I promise that every communication skill you have ever wanted can be learned.  

You can learn how to persuade people to take action and actually consider your idea.

You can learn how to be funny and use humor as a way to get your message through to people.

You can learn the art of telling unforgettable stories.

You can learn to sound more intelligent and engaging every time you talk to someone.

You can learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking and actually start to use it as an advantage to stand out against your peers.

You can learn how to clearly communicate your thoughts into words you speak and words you write.

Imagine the doors that could open for you if knew how to:

  • How to use your introverted nature to your advantage and become good in front of groups.

  • How to be more interesting and engaging in conversation and in front of groups.

  • How to deal with fear and insecurity and speak with serious confidence in any big moment.

  • How to craft a pitch that persuades make sure they want to learn more.

  • Write better emails, add creative value to meetings, and become sharper on phone calls.

  • Network like a pro and build relationships with dream mentors in your industry without feeling like a sleazy douche.

  • Craft an unforgettable message and story-tell like a master (huge in job interviews).

I work with ambitious young professionals looking to skyrocket their charisma - so they can nail the pitch, the interview, who want to take their career potential to new levels by developing the most important skill-set in business.

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