The Social Workout

An introvert's guide to social confidence through tiny actions.


Mark me down as secretly the most anxious person in any room.

The boardroom, the VIP networking event, the bar. It didn't matter.

Always stuck in my head, really anxious in the most harmless of scenarios (even talking 1-on-1), and never impressing anyone.

The ugly truth was: I had no real confidence around others and thus, pretty awful social skills.

So one night at the gym, staring at a sheet of printed out sheet of exercises with all of my sets and reps, I realized...I needed this for my social skills! 

Instead of building my biceps, it was designed for my 'social muscles' so I could learn:

-How to stop faking and build the kind of confidence that never fails you

-Some natural charm and charisma and be more elegant in conversation

-Learn how to steady my emotions in big moments at work

Now it's been used by over 1,000+ ambitious professionals like you to beat the relentless anxiety following you everywhere socially and start feeling confident in front of anyone.

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